“Working with Curio gave me the opportunity to get real hands-on experience in areas such as microcontroller programming and vision methods – helping to spark a genuine interest in these fields. It was an amazing learning experience, and I would most definitely do a similar project again.”
Lewis Trundle
“Interacting with Curio helped me learn how to develop web applications, and because of Curio's simplicity and ease of use I was able to receive intuitive feedback on the development process, allowing me to make further improvements to the system. At the same time, I also shared Curio with my friends and classmates, and they showed great interest in Curio and were willing to try it out and provide me with more suggestions.”
Hank Fu
“Working with Curio has been a unique and enlightening journey for me. The process of crafting a custom object detection system for Curio was straightforward, emphasizing the robot's user-friendly nature. It is an ideal platform to delve into the intricacies of autonomous driving on real-world driving scenarios. Beyond object detection, I implemented orientation detection which added another layer of depth to my experiments. While these processes could be explored individually in simulation, combining them and testing them in real-world conditions with Curio was a particularly engaging and rewarding experience.”
Farhad Aydinov
“I want to express my appreciation for the Curio robot. It played a significant role in my dissertation project. With Curio's help, I created a web application that allows voice commands to control the robot. This project was a valuable learning experience, deepening my understanding of robotics, web design, and natural language processing. I also wish to acknowledge Professor Jonathan Grizou for his consistent support and guidance. His vision to develop a new version of the Curio robot is great. I believe this initiative will benefit many students like me at the University of Glasgow, enabling us to delve deeper into the world of robotics and achieve remarkable outcomes.”
Priyadarshani Chimanchode
“Web-based development makes Curio highly portable. After finishing development on one platform, the code can be easily used on both PCs and mobile devices, making it user-friendly and shareable. Since it is based on the JavaScript language, a lot of resources are available online making development not difficult for beginner developers. You can easily link Curio and run examples from the web, and there are lots of code project examples. This greatly stimulates junior developers' interest and provides more experienced developers a clear development path.”
Zixuan Wang
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